I am the gunman

The point is not to win as it is to feel

To hold the things I love in the crux of destruction and recreation
Seeing whether I can handle the death and rebirth into something new
To see if I can handle the transformation
To see how much I can handle
To birth myself anew from the ashes of my broken desires 

heart gun.jpg

To put my heart on the line
as I walk chest-first into the open killing fields
my chest penetrated by emanations of a machine gun
I am shot from every angle
Multiple rounds
I can go on no longer
I stumble and fall
only to remember
time and time again
that I am wearing a bulletproof vest
And that I am the gunman 

I attempt to destroy the things I love and find myself on the other side, knowing that even though it may feel like death, in the end I am still alive

By: Haley N.