Am I too much?

I'm not sure if that bothered you the other day
I'm not sure why I still care what you think of me
This whole situation just got a bit shitty and unclean
Me pulling for more while you just wanted to breathe. 

Where does that leave me now?
Confused, tormented, and wanting to leave

My text sent "It seems that where you and I are both at...
I may not be the best thing for your healthy mind space
We can talk when it feels good for us interdependently" 

You let me go just as easy
I just don't understand or believe
If you really liked me as you claimed
Why couldn't we say goodbye face to face one last time
Why is it always me who has to prompt the "is this goodbye?"

My fears of being "too much" or "too intense" are coming up
I wonder if I can ever unleash my true potential, all of me, and my writing and poetry and express it in a way anyone can play, to hear, to feel, to dance to.

There is always something going on
My attention wants to land on you
When you drop me, I go someplace else
I had wanted desperately for you to follow my ride or to allow me onto yours and it just doesn't seem like the right stroke
I'm glad I let you go
Outside your obligations or boundaries

I did so to set myself free