This is my highest commodity.
I use my attention to control, manipulate my external forces to either work for me or against me

When I give you attention, it feels like solemness, light to heavy pressure in my temple.
When I pay attention to you, my mind is wondering who you are, who you really are.
When I receive attention from you, I almost shy away from how real it is and then remember to lean in to sink with it, into the discomfort, because chances are I called you in and I want to be responsive there.

I want to be able to receive and give exquisite attention from a place of sincerity and not obligation.
I want to give myself the same attention that I would to any friend to be that I meet and really take self love seriously. 
I want to be able to calibrate my attention to other people's hearing level so they can be touched by what I have to give and not feel pressured or confronted by it.
I want to learn how to truly be in the moment and reciprocate my flow to those who are willing to explore that depth with me. 

Attention is my highest commodity
And sometimes it's just easier to check out...