by: Haley N.

Her eyes stared back at me seductively
holding the gaze longer than mere acquaintances- as old friends
and though there was a pause in the conversation,
I could feel it all in those moments of silence
A deep wellspring of love arose from within me
and it was as though I were meeting her again after many lifetimes
In the space between I could feel her say “I do love you”
There in that coffee shop where we had chatted many times
it was as if I were meeting her again, anew. 
Nearly Everything had changed since the last
and though I did not have much thought to say it
I could feel the shift in her energy
There was a subtle strength and grounded-ness I had never seen her hold before
A committed energy
As if to proclaim to the world “ I am here!”
Struck without words, I let my ears do the talking
and my lips do the listening
And though words revealed noticeable changes in our evolution
I couldn’t help but feel there was something deeper I could not see

-Nov 20, 2016