Mere Seconds

Mere Seconds

I'm doing everything I can
not to contact you

I would write call text
yell out the window
run to you.


I want to but I don't.

I caught a glimpse of you today
- mere seconds -You didn't see me watch your back,
take in everything I love
in the shapes of your body

Drink in the view
like an addict

Imprint it in my mind to review
And again

Mere seconds and the rush was back
Fire in my veins and burn in my throat
The burn of fierce frustration,
of wanting - wanting you

My body wanting yours like a leaf wants the sun
For its very life

A glimpse of you and I should have turned
But I stood there watching
Stupidly grounded
Taking in every bit I could

Like a thief

You waved at me like we are buddies
I felt rage
Raging desire
I'm doing everything I can not to run to you,
remind you we are, forever,

Wrap my whole self around you
Inhale the smell of your body

Tell me this won't go on forever
Say I can come to you again
Be held
Whispered to

Tell me
the shapes of your body
that I adore
will reveal themselves to me again
up close
and unclothed

That I will be lifted, carried
Pressed into a wall
Turned around

That I will sweat
And moan
And lose my words

I'm doing everything I can not to contact you
Though I want to ask
Do you not want me?

- Evelyne M. 

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