Love is a Funny Thing


Some people really love you, they really appreciate you.  They realize that any day could be the last, you might never see each other in this reality ever again. Thus, you are fully cherished. 

Other people are just like... meH. Some just don't really love you or even like you that much.  

Others think they're supposed to love you so they say the words, but don't follow it up with action or feeling.  They're preoccupied with loving something else or nothing at all.  

Some strangers may love you even more than your so-called friends and family. They may be more generous, empathetic, and selfless toward you, but not know you one bit.

Some love you more than you or they even realize.  

Some try to love you just to get loved back, but that ultimately fails.  It fails, because true love, romantic or otherwise, is not a bargain.  It's not an exchange of equal value.  It's not given to get something in return, this would be false love.  If it's not true, it's fake, and if it's fake then it's detested and short-lived.  Real love only goes out and doesn't require reciprocation.  

Much romantic love is false, and that's why much of it doesn't last.  It's based on selfishness.  You're beautiful, therefore I'm able to love you.   Or, you take care of me, therefore I shall give you love.  Again, real love is not a bargain.

The most powerful kind of love, because love does require energy, is love for someone who is considered an enemy.   This kind of love mathematically has the least amount of self vested interest and requires the energy and spirit of a soul with a heightened compassion for all life.

LOVE.  Don't even need a recipient.  


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