Taste of the Raspberry

Date: 7/17 1 AM
S.D., M, 28
Williamsburg, BK

I had just flown in from Chicago. At the plane's landing, I had a voice that told me to message S.D. telling him that I'm in town and we should schedule time to hangout. He messages me right back "come over" with his address, his Tindr date just cancelled on him last minute. 

I save $40 going to his. I'm on board with this new plan.
I arrive by 11:40. We embrace. Small talk. Good talk. Share a J outside the streets in Williamsburg.

By 12:30, he's making green tea and I'm messaging on my phone in bed. He walks into the room and surprises me with a bowl of raspberries and a ziploc bag of chocolates, most likely old. 

I drop phone and tune in. Judging by his demeanor landing in bed, I could tell he was about to pop those berries one by one without swallowing.

I stop him and say "dude, I have an idea" I positioned my body so I'm sitting right across him Indian pose. My hands are placed firmly on his knees. Earnest and innocent. Eyes wide. 


"We are going to savor this moment. 
(We are going to be conscious.)

"I'm going to feed you one raspberry and you are going to feed me" 
(We are going to share an intimate experience together.)

"We are going to hold the taste of this raspberry for a total of 30 seconds in our mouth. Savor the taste, the feeling, the sensations and notice everything that comes up for you. And at the end of the time, we are going to share a frame, a moment in time where we felt something in our bodies."
(We reveal where our minds and bodies go in our own individual experiences in a shared experience together.)

He nods.

And we mind trip. MINDGASM!

"There was a moment within the first 10 seconds, where the texture just melted slowly towards the back of my tongue, and I felt the actual juices slowly going down my throat. The actual berry flattened by my palate and I felt this exploding heat in my core and shooting sourness type of fireworks up my throat and out of my mouth that I couldn't help but verbally exhale..."

"...as i shifted focus from my mouth to rest of my body, there was a pulsating heat, going down my spine. So as I internally scanned I felt a bit more heat and a deep tingliness of recognition, that part of my body that said "hey, thank you i'm here" it felt like an award of giving it attention

We went on to mind trip about how little attention goes towards our inward reflection of our sensory experiences. How much we take for granted our human ability to feel, taste, sense, hear, touch. How important meditation is. And how if we train ourselves to get back in touch with our senses, our human experiences can be better stored within our memories.

I felt like we were onto something. This experience in itself was simple. Mind opening. Embodied. Grounded. Shared. Intimate to see and hear someone else's experience. 

Thus, BEDTalks was born.

What are BEDTalks?
A series of intimacy games that will help you expand what you hope to believe is possible: True Raw Authentic Human Relating. Deeper connection on a limbic level. Sensory experiences within a safe container. Curious? Try your own!

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