What are bedtalks?

BEDTalks are sensory intimacy games that are inspired to focus the power of our attention on our senses in connection with another human being. At the end of a BEDTalk, you share a frame with your partner by asking "How have you expanded in your intimacy?" 

How can i create my own bedtalk?

Pick a sense to explore with a new/old partner, friend, family member, roommate. The point is to see how close you can come into relating with another human being by sharing an experience together? 

what is the point of bedtalks?

To practice consciousness and come back to our body. 
To expand our capacity to receive attention and hold onto our sensation. 
To feel curious and play in connection with another.
To push our edges and explore the intimate depths of human relating. 


why explore intimacy?

I was told once "You are not a very intimate person." It did not surprise me. It upset me a bit.
I like to stir shit up and explore my edges. 
I want to prove that it's possible to have intimacy and all inclusive love without having preferences.
Who knows what I'll discover and uncover?!

why share yourself?

 Accountability. Digestion. Reflection. If I show you mine, (maybe) you'll show me yours? Uncovering truth! Because sharing your voice matters. Modern day ranting with action doesn't get better than this...

are you expanding in intimacy? 

I am
Feeling so much
More Seen
and Loved.