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Intimacy is a shared feeling of -intense- energy (love), vibe, emotional frequency of intense closeness and extreme gratitude … so when do people feel closest.. after making Love, especially the first time…perhaps after a shared near death experience. Intimacy is a private, shared sacred moment between two people.
— Elias, M, 40
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To me, intimacy is both peaceful and passionate. A quiet knowing that it’s alright with no conditions. Acceptance and inclusion into the deepest secret basis of who we are. It is also a carnal lust for the body and it’s gratification. To fulfill and be fulfilled again and again until spent desire gives way to tranquility. It is following this circle in the face of all other distractions.
— Richard, M, 63
Intimacy means consciously and unconsciously letting my guard down. Truth, vulnerability, behaving like a 5 year old. It’s uncalibrated.
— Angela, F, 31

Intimacy is the experience of two things in relation to each other that is influenced by their openness to the experience as well as the capacity to experience it.
— Joey, M, 38
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Intimacy is the knowing to be known. That’s what we want. We want to be seen and known. Ultimately, we want to know ourselves, our soul. Intimacy with another being is the way to this knowing.
— Evelyne, F, 44
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Being present in the moment with my body with whatever is around me.
— Tania, F, 23